Pahang Darul Makmur, one of the biggest state in Peninsular Malaysia - known for its diversity of flora and fauna, its grueling terrain, its breathtaking waterfalls, its myriad of cultural practices and tantalizing culinary feasts offers immense potential for eco-tourism and adventure racing activities. 

The ‘rakyat’ has always been close to the hearts of the Pahang Royal Family.  The late Almarhum Sultan Sir Abu Bakar has traveled to remote areas in Pahang by sampan, trekking on foot or on elephant to meet and listen to the people.  There were fiestas at every stop to welcome the Sultan and his entourage.  The Kuala Lipis – Pekan International Rafting competition is a re-creation of the route taken by the late HRH.

This has set a tradition which till today is followed by HRH Sultan Ahmad Shah, the Sultan of Pahang.  In addition, HRH Sultan Ahmad Shah is known to enjoy nature, adventure and the outdoor.  His picture depicting him being winched from a moving navy ship to another when he was the King clearly reflects his true self. Thus an adventure race known as Sultan Ahmad Shah International Eco Challenge was inaugurated and organized for the first time in 2008 on the beautiful island of Pulau Tioman in his honor. This inaugurated event was a resounding success and HRH in his speech in 2008 has proclaim that he would like to see this event being organized annually.

- In 2008 the inaugurated event tested the endurance of the participants in running, mountain biking and canoeing,

- In 2009 the running endurance of the participants were tested over the jungle of both Tasik Bera and Pulau Tioman.

- In 2010 it was a running event off the beaten track with a theme to save the sea turtles of Pulau Tioman.

- For 2011, in conjunction with HRH Sultan Ahmad Shah 80th Birthday, we planned a special route to take participants to a idyllic kampung on the southern corner of Tioman called Kampung Nipah. It is here at Kampung Nipah that the late Al Marhum Sultan Sir Abu Bakar was said to have reside in the old days during his visit to Tioman.

- For 2012, in conjunction with the 5th anniversary of the race, we organized a special commemorative race named “The 5th Race” to test the endurance of the participants in traversing the jungles of Pulau Tioman.

- For 2013, we dedicate the race to highlight the need to conserve Pulau Tioman’s centuries old natural environment in a race called “ The Nature’s Race”.

- For 2014, the race has dedicated to highlight the local culture of Pulau Tioman and Pahang by introducing the participants and visitors to cultural games and traditions in a race called "The Culture Race"

- For 2015, as it commemorate with HRH Sultan Hj Ahmad Shah 40th year reign as the Sultan of Pahang. We named the year's race as "THE RUBY JUBILEE RACE" in honor of HRH.

– For 2016, we designed a grueling race named “The Adventure Race” combining the 4 natural elements of Pulau Tioman which is its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, pristine mountain and rugged mountain terrain to test the endurance of the runners.

2017 is a special milestone for us as organizer of SASTIEC as it commemorate the 10th year since the race inception in 2008. Yes, it has been 10th challenging years since we organize the first “ Toughest Adventure Race in South East Asia” and to commemorate this special event we named our anniversary race this year as “The Race of the Decade”. “The Race of the Decade” this year will be the most challenging that we will be organizing and the most rewarding in terms of prize monies. For this year we will be taking the participants up Gunung Kajang. At 1038 meters. Gunung Kajang is not only the highest mountain in Pulau Tioman but the highest mountain amongst the island on the East Coast of Malaysia. We “DARE YOU” to take up this year’s challenge. See you at “ The Race of the Decade ”.

In conjunction with SASTIEC 2017, for the first time ever we will also be organizing an International Paintball Competition known as Sultan Ahmad Shah Paintball Asian Cup 2017 ( SASPAC2017). This paintball competition will be held from 10th to 13th May 2017 at Kampung Juara, Pulau Tioman. For information and registration for this competition please click on the icon below.


Objectives of Event

- Promote and position Tioman in World Eco-tourism map

- Opportunity for public to meet HRH
 the Sultan

- Develop public interest in Eco-tourism

- Promote community-based Eco-tourism  economic agenda in Pahang.

- Drive public awareness on nature  conservation & sustainable tourism.

- Promote extreme sports, traditional games & Eco-Challange

SAS International Eco Challenge 2017 is a perfect opportunity for the running and adventure sports enthusiasts to head on down to Pahang's most treasured eco tourism island to participate in this years adventure race. We have planned a demanding yet fun filled eco adventure race by traversing the race routes that will take you through some of the most scenic and breathtaking sights and sounds of Pulau Tioman.

SAS International Eco Challenge Champion 2017 (Men) –Male participant from International, Local and Veteran category with the best overall time will be declared the SAS International Champion 2017.

Iron Lady, SAS International Eco Challenge 2017 (Women)
–Female participants from International, Local and Veteran Category with the best overall time will be declared the Iron Lady 2017.

MARCH 3, 2017

  Event Outline

Sultan Ahmad Shah International Eco Challenge 2017 is basically an adventure race with the participants having to run the eco jungle trails of Pulau Tioman. Participants in the previous years race have proclaim the trail to be the most challenging in South East Asia as they have to traverse through virgin jungle, ravine and climb rocks to reach their objective. This year's challenge promise to be equally challenging if not more. So come prepared, enjoy the race and at the same time be part of our 10th anniversary celebration.

Based on popular demand the veteran category is added to cater for participants of 45 years of age and above. As such the challenge this year is divided into the following categories:-

International Category (Men/Women) – Open to all international and local participants. The winner of this category is entitled to the prizes for international category and stands the chance to be declared the SAS International Eco Challenge champion /Iron Lady 2017.

Local Category (Men/Women) – Open to local participants (Malaysians) only. The winner of this category is entitled to the prizes for local category and stands the chance to be declared the SAS International Eco Challenge champion 2017/Iron Lady 2017.

Veteran Category (Men/Women) – Open to all international and local participants age 45 years and above only. The winner of this category is entitled to the prizes for the veteran category only. (Note:- Participants age 45 and above may compete in either International, Local or Veteran category. However they are eligible for the prizes for the respective category they sign up for only.

So come prepared and enjoy the 9th edition of SAS Tioman International Challenge 2017.


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